Fire Alarm Systems

In the United States many people are injured or die in fires each year. We want you to feel at ease. Equip your business with the highest quality fire alarm systems and technology to prevent damage, and to protect your family, employees, and customers.

Security Systems

Businesses or homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than those with an alarm system. The main goal of an alarm system is to protect your business or family. Infinity Systems can provide you with a system you can control from anywhere in the world. You can receive text messages; and arm, or disarm your system remotely. Plus, several other features like CCTV, thermostats, door locking and lighting controls are also available. We want to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your family, property, or employees are safe at all cost.

Access Control

Access control systems restrict people who are not allowed to be in a designated area, and permits those who are allowed to enter; while keeping a log of all entries. The main purpose, of course, is to keep all the designated areas of your business safe from those who are not permitted to enter. Let Infinity Systems help design a card access system to meet your needs.


We can provide you with a system that allows you to view your cameras remotely and control PTZ cameras from anywhere in the world. Let Infinity Systems design a CCTV system to protect your family, employees and property.

Nurse Call Systems

Infinity Systems offers a wide range of Nurse Call systems to meet your needs. Whether that be a simple tone/visual system, patient wandering system, clinic status system, or an audio visual system with remote notification/communications. We will provide the most reliable and simple experience for both the nurse and patient. Ensuring the Nurse Call operates successfully and easily for your business is what we guarantee.

Intercom/PA Systems

We can provide you with something as simple as a single intercom between a door and main desk to a school intercom system. Let us provide you with top quality Intercom or PA systems at a low price.

Network Cabling/Fiber Optics

At Infinity Systems we can provide a wide range of network cabling or fiber optics.

Pro Audio/Video

Whether it is an auditorium sound system or projector we can do it!

Home Automation

At Infinity Systems we provide the latest technology allowing you to receive text message alerts whenever your home is armed or disarmed, and also know when someone is entering or leaving your home. We can also provide technology that allows you to adjust your thermostat, view live or recorded video, lock the doors of your property, receive notification when someone has drove down your driveway, and even allows you to turn your lights and water sources on and off; all while in another location.